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[TRANSLATION] Recomen 061214 guest:yuya&massu- part2 [Dec. 19th, 2006|09:59 pm]
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Yay!! Part 2 of.. however many there is to go! It's from 5:30-14:14 for people who want to follow along!

Summary: In the title call, Massu- makes a mistake, and forgets about yuya!! &Yuya doesn't know what clam chowder soup & conssome soup (VERY wide-spread soup in Japan. usually comes in powdered form]<-he also didn't know what croutons was until Hina told him, dried bread! LOL!!! & HAHAHAHA, Yoko tries to conversate with his ko-hai's but fails!! Whenever he refers to something, Yuya and Massu- don't understand because what ever he's refering to is before their time... ROFLL!! Yoko, you're too old ne~!!

[ ] = explanations & comments
LOL-ing is where you could hear them laughing.

Hina: Okay, let's go for the title call!

Yoko: Kanjani8, Yokoyama Yu, and
Hina: Murakami Shingo and,
Massu-: Masuda Takahisa's...
*awkard pause*
Yoko: Wait, it's not Masuda Takahisa"'S" right?
Hina: Tegoshi, go ahead,
Tegoshi: Uh.. Tegoshi Yuya is also here!!
Massu-: Sorry!!
Yoko: 1..2..
Everyone: RECOMEN!!

Hina: Massu- why did you say it first?
Yoko: How many mistakes have you made already so far?!
Yoko: How many times are you planning to make mistakes in three hours, at that pace?!

[Massu- trying to explain that he was just reading off of the sheet of paper & looking at the wrong place and what not....]

Hina: None of the listener's are going to understand your excuse!! [cause they dont have the paper he's reading off of, that he 'made a mistake on']
Hina: Masuda-kun this is very important!! This depends on if the radio's staying or not!
Yoko: Don't mess it up!!!
T&M: We're really sorry!!
Yoko: Murakami says to punch NEWS with a fist, you know?
Hina: If they do something bad, that is!
Yoko: Well, he say's he can do it
Hina: I mean like, if it's just two or three times, I'd forgive it.
Yoko: He said Tokio, he'd go with a slap but NEWS with a fist.
Yoko: He said he can probably slap Tokio. Isn't he just crazy?
Hina: Well, let's just all have fun today!

[Murakami explaning about prizes, etc.]
Hina: Recomen girl's Ranking!!
Hina: Today's theme is "Favorite Soup Ranking"
Hina: Well, Tegomass is releasing that single, "Miso Soup". So, let's get started! 5th place is, clam chowder soup!!
Yoko: Oh, I love that.
Hina: Yeah, I like it too.
Yoko: oh i LOVE that claw chowder!! [second time <-lol]
Massu-: It's the one that looks like stew, right?
Y&S: yea, yea yea.
Yoko: The white one with seafood.
Hina: Like shells. Well, I mean there isn't anyway to make them taste nasty.
Yoko: Hm, but I guess there's people who don't like them huh?
Massu-: Well, like... it really doesn't ring a bell for me. Clam chowder soup..
Hina: What!!
Massu-: Not that much..
Hina: Well, I guess there aren't many times where you'd drink it.
Massu-: I think I might have never drank it at all...
Hina: Really? How about you, Tegoshi-kun.
Tegoshi: Me neither.. Like I don't even have an image to what clam chowder is, right now.
Yoko: REALLY?!?!?!
Hina: You don't usually eat that kind of stuff? Like.. different varities?
Tegoshi: Well, after the release of Miso Soup was decided, my family has nothing but miso soup... for some reason..
Yoko: Nice way of promoting you guy's single!! LOL

Hina: Fourth place is... Wakame Soup!! [wakame=seaweed]
Everyone: Ohh~
Hina: It comes when you order out fried rice and stuff, right?
Massu-: Mmm~ that sounds good!
Yoko: Hah, I didn't think we could talk so much about soup.
Hina: Well, we have to try hard!!
Yoko: (To Tegoshi) What do you think about wakame-soup?
Tegoshi: I love wakame-soup!
Yoko: Wa~kame suki suki~? [He's singing a tune from an OLD commercial. I think one of the recent SukaJ's had a guest, Yanagisawa Shingo, talking about this?]
Hina: He wouldn't know that! That's from the baby boom age.
Tegoshi: [confused] Wha, what is that?
Yoko: Whoa, you don't know that, huh!?
Tegoshi: Nope...
Yoko: Omg, he doesn't know...!! How about you, Massu-?
Massu-: Ah~ I don't know it.
Yoko: The commercial with Yanagisawa Shingo in it...? Saying "wa~kame suki suki?"
Hina: I think there's people [listening to the radio] that just noticed it now!
Yoko: Ohhhh.... so old, huh?

Hina: Third is.. consomme soup!! [it's supposed to be very wide-spread in Japan, and people use the powdered one to make soup with it, but...]
Hina: You'd know this huh?
Tegoshi: umm.. what's consomme soup?
Yoko: Really?!?
Massu-: You're just kidding, right?
Hina: Are you an idiot?!
Tegoshi: Um, was it the lumpy one?
Hina: Uhhh, there's the consomme powdered one? Where you put it with hot water?
Tegoshi: Oh, is it the one that goes "kachi" when you bite it?
Hina: UhHhHh, well that's the actual non-powdered one but.. you melt it with hot water.
Tegoshi: Ohh.....?
Hina: The brown-ish soup?
Tegoshi: i.. I think I sort of know what you guys are talking about..
Hina: For reals?
Tegoshi: Yes.
Yoko: I'm too lazy to even explain it.
Hina: It's so hard! This is the first time anyone asked me what consomme soup was. Okay, well then let's go with something we go next, shall we?

Hina: Okay, in second, corn soup!!
Hina: You.. know this right?
Tegoshi: Yes, I like this!
Hina: Oh, with the croutons that's crispy, right?
Massu-: Oh~! [understands]
Tegoshi: [.....] um..?
Hina: Errrr... dried bread?
Tegoshi: Oh, oh oh oh!! I know, I know!
Hina: Yeah, that's called croutons!
Yoko: It's the warmth you could buy with 100yen! [Catch phrase used for an instant corn-soup cup you could buy.. in the older days xP]
Y&M: [confused]
Yoko: Ah~ they don't understand again!! It's from the baby boomer age again, huh?
Tegoshi: Oh gosh, I don't understand anything!!
Hina: Before, you could of bought it [corn-soup] with 100yen.
Yoko: : Ozaki [famous singer] said it in his lyrics, "the warmth you could buy with 100yen"
[Yoko and Murakami tries explaning it again, but fails]
Yoko: oh wow, they really don't know anything huh...
Hina: I mean, if we put that song in in karaoke, eveyone would be singing all together!

Hina: ...And first place is.. Miso Soup!!
Massu-: oHHH!! Thank you!!
Tegoshi: Thank you!!
Hina: Well I think there were a few strings pulled in that back but...
Massu-: No, they didn't ne~!!
Hina: But everyone supported it, ne~. What do you put in your miso soup?
Tegoshi: Wakame, tofu...
Yoko: What do you like to put inside?
Tegoshi: Tofu, for me.
Yoko: Tegoshi's tofu. How about you, massu-?
Massu-: Umm, I guess I also like wakame-tofu. The type where their mixed together.
Yoko: Is that the way you guys are promoting it?
Tegoshi: Umm we never said anything about those stuff.
Yoko: Did higher people say "you guys both say, "you're supposed to say wakame&tofu", or something?
Tegoshi: Nopee.
Hina: The inside doesn't matter ne~?
Massu-: I mean, you could also put in like cabbage?
Hina: CABBAGE?! you put in cabbage?
Massu-: You can put it in though, right?
Hina: Well.. I guess you can put them in...
Massu-: Cabbage.. also daikon [japanese radish]
Yoko: Daikon, yeah yeah. Cabbage... I haven't heard of it that much.
Hina: Yeah.. not really cabbage right..? How about ofu & egg? [ofu - dried bread-like pieces of wheat gluten (wikipedia)]
Yoko: Yum, that tastes good!
Massu-: Yes, I like it.
Massu-: Well, basically you could put anything in it.
Yoko: Miso soup, right? It accepts e~verything.
Hina: Oh, Yoko just did the best promotion eh?
Massu-: Thank you!
Yoko: Miso Soup loves everyone and anyone, right?
Tegoshi: Yes.
Hina: Sorry! He took over, didn't he?
Yoko: It's a great title though, isn't it?
Tegoshi: Yes, it is.

Hina: Okay, so next week's ranking will be on, things that you got for Christmas that you were happy with. ..And that was the end of recomen's girl's ranking!!

omg yuya <3 xD
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[TRANSLATION] Recomen 061214 guest:yuya&massu- part1 [Dec. 16th, 2006|07:03 pm]
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[music |2006.12.14 Recomen - guests Tegomasu]

Thank you to yamaperfection for providing the radio clip!!

This is only like.. the first 5:30. Basically, Yuya's late to the recording b/c he was in the bathroom. Yoko's trying to make Yuya & Massu- to say that NEWS is coming back (lOL yes, i wish too xD) [<- that's at the end] and reveal how much they raise.

[ ] = explanations & comments
LOL-ing is where you could hear them laughing.

Yoko: Good evening [konban wan tsu- (konban one two)] this is Yokoyama Yu.
Hina: [konban wan tsu- (konban one two)] I'm Murakami Shingo.
Yoko: Today, as we said before, we have some special guests.
Hina: Yes, we do.
Yoko: That person. Okay, please introduce yourself.
Hina: Okay. Introduction start.
Massu-: [konban wan tsu- (konban one two)] I'm Masuda Takahisa-.
Hina: Okay... something's wrong huh?
Yoko: The other person...
Massu-: (lol) It's weird, isn't it.
Y&S: What happened?
Hina: Hey, it's started already...??
Yoko: He was there at the meeting earlier but...?
Hina: Yeah, he was there!
Massu-: He absolutely came with me but...
Yoko: Yeah. I remember that I made him laugh at the meeting earlier but..
Hina: Hmm what happened? Did he feign illness?
Massu-: Where did he go?

Hina: Oh, did he get nervous?
Massu-: Maybe he got nervous and..ran away?
Yoko: Oh, that can't be helped.
Hina: Oh well then, today we gotta do it with us three.
Yoko: This time you're here for advertising Miso Soup right?
Massu-: Yes.
Yoko: Truthfully, what soup do you like?
Massu-: Miso Soup.
Yoko: Miso Soup?
Hina: Well yeah, you'd have to say that right?

Yoko: Well, how was the TegoMass duo born? Were you suddently called by Jyani-san?
Massu-: This time, well like, it was normal for me and Tegoshi to sing as duos even before NEWS.
Hina: Like as a project right.
Yoko: Oh really?
Massu-: Yes, even at concerts, we always sang duos together.
Hina: I see I see.
Yoko: And so you guys were hoping that you'd eventually get out a CD?
Massu-: Well.. We had said that it's be nice if that happened but..

[I'm guessing Yuya comes in at this point, and Hina sees him]
Hina: LOL
Tegoshi: I'm so sorry!! (lol-ing)
Yoko: What happened? What happened? What were you doing?
Hina: You're hecka laughing!
Tegoshi: I'm really sorry!! [OMG yuya's voice is so high xDD]
Hina: Well then, let's re-do this and..
Tegoshi: I'm sorry, this is Tegoshi.
Yoko: Tegoshi-kun.
Tegoshi: Sumimasen!!
Yoko: What were you doing?
Hina: You're 1:30 min late!!
Tegoshi: Sorry, I'm really sorry.
Yoko: This wouldn't be accepted in WARATTE IITOMO [TV show broadcasted live @ noon]
Massu-: Yeah, [your appearance time] would be over. [it's on live, so everything goes by really fast]
Tegoshi: I'm REALLY sorry.
Tegoshi: Well, I was in the bathroom, and people were like, it already started.
Yoko: What? You were going Miso Soup? [lol, i think he's like meaning, oh, you went poo (cause it's brown.. or more like diarreha? cause.. miso soup's watery lol]
Yoko: You were going "sha---" with miso soup eh?
TEgoshi: Yes, yes, yes. [LOL, just go along with the story, eh? xD]
Yoko: Well I guess it can't be helped then?
Tegoshi: I'm really really sorry!!

Yoko: And.. so about how the unit came to be?
Hina: Yeah yeah, we were just talking about how this unit was formed.
Yoko: So you were doing this at a concert and..?
Massu-: Oh, well so like us singing together was like.. already natural to NEWS fans and it was normal for NEWS too.
Hina: Like how it's natural for Tegoshi to go Miso Soup.
Massu-: Yeah, that happens always too.
Yoko: And so this was told to you suddently? Were you asked by Jyani-san to get out a CD?
Massu-: Umm
Tegoshi: It was the record company.
Massu-: Yeah, we were told by the record company
Yoko: All of a sudden?
Tegoshi: Yes.
Yoko: Like would you like to get out a CD with Tegomass?
T&M: Yes.
Yoko: And what did you say? Like "oh that sounds good" or like "let's do that" or..?
Tegoshi: Oh we were like... "O..Okay..[astonished-ly]"

Massu-: And we were todl suddently, "Oh you guys are going to Sweden.:
Yoko: Oh yeah, I saw the pictures! The one where you were with the Sweden people right?
Hina: That's amazing huh.
Yoko: Yeah.. we don't get that kinds of offers. Why do you think that's so? .. You guys do a lot of jobs huh? You did Hyoten and...
Hina: So many dramas!!
Yoko: And like.. what's that title?
Massu-: Waraeru Koi wa Shitakunai.
Hina: Yeah, laugh laugh. [b/c waraeru - can laugh]
Yoko: How is Waraeru Koi wa Shitakunai? You guys did so many jobs.. And you guys release a single together..
T&M: Yes

Yoko: Truthfully speaking, how much did you guys earn this year?
Hina: lol, you don't need to ask that!! [to TegoMass] You don't have to answer that. Sorry, sorry.You don't have to answer stuff you can't answer.
Yoko: Like truthfully.
Tegoshi: Truthfully right?
Yoko: Do you hire a tax accountant?
Tegoshi: Uhhh nopee.
Hina: Well like, in Tokyo the JE company does it for you.
Yoko: Oh the company does it for you?
Massu-: Oh, no they don't do it.
Yoko: So you do that by yourself huh? ... I see I see. And like..You're going to do more stuff next year right? Like you guys already have plans decided for stuff you can't tell yet anyway, right?
Tegoshi: Hmm, I wonder?
Hina: Well [you can tell] little by little.
Tegoshi: It be nice if we can do stuff.
Yoko: But you have plans already right? like really. about next year. [pause] ...even IF you can't tell right?
Tegoshi: uHHhH HmMM I wonderr....

Hina: Well well, like this [radio] is live.
Yoko: Well like the listeners would like to ask that.
Hina: Well yeah, that's true.
Yoko: SO, tell us as much as you can.
Massu-: Well like us.. let's see.
Yoko: Well just tell us if you already have definite plans.
Massu-: Definite plans..? Like.. right now we're working toward that plan.
Yoko: So that means you do have it right?
Hina: So youre saying that it'd be nice if what you did this year would pile up and lead up to what you guys do nexy year right?
Massu-: Yes. And so like right now is like a preperation time

Yoko: So, you might do something sugoi next year
Tegoshi: Yeah, there's a possibility
Massu-: Yes, we'd like to do that.
Yoko: So is that already definite?
Tegoshi: lol, Well, there's a possibility

Yoko: HAHA This is DEFENITELY already definite.
Hina: Well you don't know that.
Yoko: Like how you guys already new a little about "TegoMass" when you guys formed NEWS right?
Tegoshi: no~, we didnt know that!
Hina: Ah, they wouldn't have known if they were going to release a single.
Yoko: I see. How much are you guys thinking of raising next year?
Hina: What the heck do you want to ask?! ww
Yoko: About their plans?
Hina: Well like.. you'd like to raise as much as you can right?
Tegoshi: Yes, that's true.
Yoko: Aw, you guys are lucky.
Hina: You've got a drama though.
Yoko: Well like for me, it can't be helped.. they offered me it.

Yoko: It'd be good if the CD sold a lot right
Massu-: Yes, it'd be nice if like a lot of people would listen to it.
Yoko: Oh! You said it so purely!
Hina: Isn't that the regular way to say it? I mean, you'd want a lot of people to listen to it.
Yoko: I mean we're different. We just say "Buy alot!"
Yoko: And "Like we can't do concerts unless you buy it!!"
Hina: And "Oh we wont be able to do tours next time!!"
Tegoshi: Well, that's true.
Yoko: We say it bluntly. And our fans help us with that. Like they understand. They just think like "oh, theyre saying it again." [as opposed to like, thinking, gosh they just want money. theyre ordering us to buy it]
Hina: Well I mean Kanjani8 is crazy huh?

Hina: Okay, we're going to to have you guys for three hours!
T&M:Yes, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

LOL OMG YOKO <3 gosh, you're too good at making us hope for the best ne~. & yuya's so cuteee!! LOL in one of the SC where NEWS was making a slogan for each member describing their character, yuya's was "toire chikai kyara" or person who always goes to the bathroom xDD LOL YUYAA <3

im hoping this is the longest 5 min ill translate.. the other parts would hopefully be shorter.. xD
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Utawara Translations!! [Feb. 28th, 2006|08:23 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |koki & nakamaru - one on one]

The Jin/Jun playing around in Utawara 060226!!

They were talking about "An experience where one was shocked due to misunderstanding."

Jun: Next is this.
Ayaya: "Is thought as a player"
Jun: Oh? Whose is this?
Jin: Me.
A Lot of Ppl: Akanishi? Akanishi?
観客: キャーキャーキャー
girls: kya-kya-kya---!!
Jinnai: Your thought of a player?
(Dunno, I'm guessing jun or akko) : Well yeah, he'd probably be thought of that way.
Jin: Um, because of my looks maybe?
Akko: What? Wait a sec, wait a sec. What did you just say?
仁:外見。[points around himself]
Jin: Looks.[points around himself]
笑 laughter
Jin: Well, by like how I look? (stresses it =p)
Jun: Hey hey hey hey!!! You better not let it go to your head! You baastardd! (okay not as offensively as english-speakers would take it)
笑い Laughter

Jin: Huh Huh? Wait a sec.
Jun: Your face may be hot, but so what?!
笑い Laughter [jun looks drunk xp]

Jin: What? Why? Uhh, no no, um by player, I mean like yeah. I don't mean that but.
Akko: What do you mean?
Jinnai: So your not saying that because your handsome..?
Jin: That's not it, I meant that because I look like I'm playing around.
Jun: You get looked as like a player; isn't that what you mean?
Jin: Yeah yeah.

Jun: Cause you look hot too, right? (plays around with jin)

(Jin laughs) [& puts his finger up =p but it wasnt the middle finger.. hahaha)

Akko: He doesn't deny it. He doesn't deny it, and he didn't even get embarrassed. (lol
Jin: No, no no.
Jun: You know what. I think that you should admit that. I mean, you are hot.
Jin: That makes me really grrr, you know? [Would of used pissed, but i think "grr" was more appropriate cause theyre play fighting <3]
Jun: Well, aren't you actually a player?

Jin: You know whatt? Like that. I mean. yeah Can't you stop like trying to bring down your ko-hai?
Jin: already!

Jun: Well, you aren't a player then right?
(covered by) 中尾:どんどん遊んだ方がいいんよな
Nakao: Well, I think you should go play around a lot.
JInnai: Guess that's so. As advice from a senpai.
Nakao: [In my day] I used all my pay. (to go out & play)
Jin: Oh, really?
Nakao: People who don't play around won't become big!
Jin: I'm going to aim it! (To become a player =p)
Nakao: Oh, but there's ways that you play around.
JinL Oh, really?
Nakao: Just be careful of that.
Jin: Oh, well, then I'm going to aim for you, Mr. Nakao.
Nakao: What? Oh yes, I mean it's okay but...


OMGGG it's like jin / jun are becoming friends =]] it scares me to see when jin's not talking "humbly" to his senpai, but i love him that way =] (yeah, i don't really like the whole senpai-kouhai relationship in japan =/)

oh yeah, btw, maybe my translations made the talk seem "harsh" but they're just playing around with each other, so yeah =]] & if there's some place where you think is wrong, please tell me =D
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Hello~! [Jan. 4th, 2006|08:57 pm]

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